A Plan fueled by Discipline will produce Growth and Confidence


10 years ago I released my first solo album, The Pilgrimage of Thingamuhjig. This album means a lot to me; and not just because some of my favorite musicians on the planet were kind enough to lend their talents to it. But, mostly, this album represents having a visions for something and completing it regardless of how much determination and discipline it would require.


This album took about a year to complete. Beginning with demoing the songs to recording all of the amazing musicians to working with the artist for the covers and finally mixing/mastering. There was a lot to juggle and it would’ve been very easy to just shelve it and move on to something less demanding. However, we know the ideas/goals that require more effort always produce more growth and keeping promises to oneself is the most effective way to build confidence.


However, to truly grow and build confidence requires a detailed plan. Just putting in time behind the kit isn't enough....

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